Monday, July 1, 2013

San Clemente Sunset

Pastel, 12 x 9
© 2013 Paula Somma. All rights reserved.

My husband, Bob, and I love to walk the beach here in San Clemente.  Early on in our marriage, Bob realized that when I have a camera in hand, I often get swept up in composition and miss the joy of being in the moment.  So he is the one often taking the photos on our adventures in life so I can take it all in.  Not just visually, but the feel of the place, the subtle sounds and smells.  Thankfully he's got a great eye and the combination of his photos with my memory of the moment make for strong references to paint from.  This was an amazing sunset that evening a few months ago.  Now I have a tangible memory of it to share.

Painted on ArtSpectrum ColourFix (Storm Blue) with no underpainting.

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