Saturday, April 19, 2014

Morning Shore

Pastel, 16 x 12
© 2014 Paula Somma.  All rights reserved.

Bob and I went for our first morning beach walk since my surgery which was almost a year ago.
What a beautiful morning to celebrate this milestone.
I couldn't quite go the whole distance, so I took pictures at the shoreline while Bob continued on.
This wave had perfect form - no artistic enhancements here at all.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Brush strokes from Heaven

Pastel, 12 x 7
© 2014 Paula Somma. All rights reserved.

Some sunsets are as though God took a brush and swept it across the sky just for us to enjoy.  This image was inspired by a photo Bob had taken about a year ago.  I painted it once before, but came across it recently and felt drawn to paint it again.  So many layers of colors and textures, but nothing quite like standing on the beach that Spring evening last year.  Truly spectacular.

I'm honored to share that this painting was awarded 2 awards at the Pastel Society of So. California's 5th Annual Members' Exhibition - 2014:  3rd Place Miniatures category by Juror Marla Baggetta and 2nd Place Miniatures category Popular Vote.  

Friday, April 4, 2014

Palisades Tree

Pastel, 16 x 12
© 2014 Paula Somma.  All rights reserved.

We will often take the drive along the coast on our way home.  I love looking up at the cliffs, especially late in the afternoon when all the colors turn rich and warm.  This tree caught my eye as we passed the Palisades area.  What a spectacular view this tree has facing the ocean.