Friday, August 30, 2013

Early morning view...

Pastel,  12 x 9
© Copyright 2013 Paula Somma.  All rights reserved.

I often awake before the sunrise and slip quietly into our backyard that rests on a canyon.  I call our view "my evolving painting", for each day offers new light, color shifts, changing shadows - sometimes moody fog.  With the change of seasons and interesting visits from wildlife,  I never tire of this view.  So this is from this mornings inspiration...

Monday, August 26, 2013

"Hello" from the sea. (original, revised post on 3/4/14)

Pastel, 16 x 10
© Copyright 2013 Paula Somma.  All Rights Reserved.

Delicate curves and textures interest me.
I've admired this shell in our home for years and decided it would be today's muse.
I ignored colors I was looking at, but used colors that felt like summer,
 as if finding this at low tide late in the afternoon.

This painting was revised and posted on 3/5/2014.